We Don't Have Any Qualms With The Previous Ui, And Though The Venu 2 Doubles Battery Life To Around 11 Days, It Also Doubles The Last Gen's Current Sale Price.


If you prefer the style of the Sq but would really like music controls, the Garmin Venu Sq Music is also on sale for $50 more. Note that there is a newer Venu 2 available with most of the same features and an updated UI. We don't have any qualms with the previous UI, and though the Venu 2 doubles battery life to around 11 days, it also doubles the last gen's current sale price. The Fitbit Sense is one of the most sensor-rich wearables on the market. Marked down to $200, it's one of the highest-value fitness watches you can buy. With 24/7 heart rate, blood-oxygen, and ECG scanning sensors on-board, the device is on par with the Apple Watch in terms of industry-leading sensors. There's also a skin temperature monitor to track your stress response, something the Apple Watch lacks.


Works by Milton Graves, the visionary drummer who died this year, at Artists Space. In his remarkable practice and worldview, art, medicine, plants, human perception, the nervous system and the cosmos are all connected. Many of the people who’ve been living in TriBeCa the longest are also artists themselves, which makes for a particularly vibrant and engaged audience. “It’s real artists,” said Pascal Spengemann, the co-owner of the year-old Broadway Gallery (and an expat of Marlborough Gallery in Chelsea). “Art lovers, people with an investment in the scene, curators. It’s been really great.” Other recent arrivals include Chapter NY , a gallery that, after starting life in a tiny Chinatown space and a few years modestly situated at a mezzanine level on East Houston Street, finally has its first substantial footprint on Walker Street. “It’s incredible,” says Nicole Russo, Chapter’s founder. “It’s busier than I’ve ever been on the Lower East Side. The combination of being a storefront and being on such a good block with so many great galleries has really paid off.” The shift in attention downtown doesn’t mean Chelsea is over. Given the sheer number of art galleries still there, as well as the brand-new buildings erected by most of the neighborhood’s megadealers and the reopening of Dia Chelsea , “over” would be hard to imagine.


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